I started group cross training classes because I’m pretty isolated. I enjoy running as a solo sport. I’m an entrepreneur, which can be isolating as well.

Since joining, my goals have changed. Now I’m in there because I need my whole body to get stronger. I want to be a better runner. Also, I’m getting ready to embark on a new sport that is extremely challenging. I need my core to be strong as steel for it.

I’m basically working on being a bad ass plus size Halle Berry Cat Woman.  Ain’t she bad?
So I’m in cross training classes.

I love group classes.  I love the competitive energy in group classes.  I love being pushed.

So I’m trying out of few of them.

I hate some of the biases personal trainers have against fat bodies.  Do we always have to talk about weight loss? Does that always have to be our goal?

“Eat less calories.”

“Stay away from fat.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dammit, I’m in here for super hero training.

Stop nagging the $&@” out of us and let’s start those flying lessons.

Right now I’m 70 pounds heavier than my heaviest weight.

My blood pressure is healthy and normal. It’s been unusually high twice in my life- after my daughter died and during the last few months of pregnancy (no, she didn’t die because of bp issues). It also gets high when I eat allergens such as wheat and soy.

I’ve had a plant based diet for 22 years so high cholesterol has never been an issue.

I barely eat sugar. I bake. I avoid sugar by using dates or honey.

I run. I train.

Some voluptuous beauties suffer from inflammation when we eat what many people praise as health food.

You want to see me blow up? Pass me a bowl of beans and rice.

Sucks, huh?

Some voluptuous beauties have gone through horrendous life experiences and we have used food- even healthy food- to cope.

Some voluptuous beauties have suffered from illnesses that have caused weight gain.

Some voluptuous beauties don’t care about misguided theories on health.  We’re too busy drinking green drinks and running 13 miles.

I wish health professionals would learn more about their PROFESSION- the human body.

I wish they understood that all overweight people don’t eat pools of salt and lard.

I wish they understood the true correlations between lifestyle and illness.

I wish I could just go to class and become a big fat ass superhero in peace.

2 thoughts on “Big Fat A@@ Super Hero

  1. Amen. 🙂
    Curious about the new sport you’re embarking on (or have embarked on, by now)!

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