Though I’ve been running for quite some time, I never knew how much plus size athletes are bullied until I started conducting interviews for Flaunt Performance Podcast.

I have a natural skincare and cosmetic company that I’ve been running for 6 years. There aren’t many bullies who target natural skincare lovers thank goodness. But wow, Flaunt Performance has opened up a whole new world for me.

Today I was prepping for a recording so I started investigating the person I’ll be interviewing. I went through YouTube and her blog and saw post after post after post of people calling her out her name and making fun of her weight. One post almost brought me to tears. Someone actually said she should commit suicide.


I’m not sure why people have the need to be so cruel. I’m pretty sure the people who dare to utter such harshness have never experienced the triumphs of completing 1/2 marathons, marathons, Iron Man races, etc. If they had, they’d be giving these plus size athletic warriors nothing but praises. Why? Because this shit is hard. Conditioning the body to accomplish enormous feats takes a level of dedication most people simply don’t possess.

Dear Bully- Be kind. Congratulate your favorite plus size athlete. Instead of throwing shade why not ask them to give you some tips on how you too can be an athletic warrior.

Dear Plus Size Runner- Mean thugs need hugs. Remember, their hate isn’t about you. It’s about their own insecurities. Keep winning. You are the champion.

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