Being a plus size woman who trains is aggravating.
It’s not aggravating because of the sweat that drenches our brows, the way we push ourselves to demand more, or how our legs feel like giving out during our last few miles.
All of that is beautiful.
It’s the fabric of our very existence.
What’s aggravating is everything else…
the salespeople who tell us to go to the back of the sports clothing store to search for the sizes we always doubt exist
the trainers who are so entrenched in their weight biases that they refuse to listen to our needs
the taunting from skinny AND fat people who hide behind social media
the brands that are ashamed to announce they have plus size clothes for fear of “ruining” their athletic reputations
the 3 bras we wear not just for comfort, but to prevent being over-sexualized just because we want to go for a F&^% run
the holes that inevitably end up between our thighs 2 weeks after buying stretch pants
the conversations we have with other plus size athletes from all sports about THEIR aggravations
the chafing
oh the chafing.
Yet, we keep going.

2 thoughts on “Being an Active Plus Size Woman is Aggravating

  1. I recently had a moment where me and my kid were at a mother/daughter thing at the school and when my kid asked me for Mcdonalds for dinner after, I said “I can’t eat that. I’m training for a 5k and that makes me feel sick.” All the other moms (who are all half my size) give me this side long look like I’m insane. I just ignored them but, WOW. I was shocked…

    1. I completely understand Lenni. People think because some people are “plus” that we eat deep fried Oreos all day. 😂. Thank you for visiting our page!

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