Running and entrepreneurship have so many things in common. Here’s one many people don’t think about too often-
If you are an entrepreneur, you MUST have things that motivate you outside of money. Being an entrepreneur is hard. It takes tenacity. It takes guts. It takes giving it all you have, even when you feel you don’t have anymore to give. It requires you to push even when you don’t know how or how you’re going to get your next meal.

The same holds true for running.

Moreover, if you are interested in being a runner, you MUST find other reasons to run outside of weight loss. Running is hard. It takes tenacity, guts, and FUEL.

You may find that you start eating more than normal when you embark on running. I have a friend who runs like crazy, 8-13 fast miles per run, then he heads straight to a buffet. That’s what works for him.

Runners can’t eat the same as civilians. Our bodies burn up energy and it’s very necessary to replenish it or we’ll wear our bodies down.

I can’t eat buffet food after a run because my body can’t handle it. But over the years, I’ve found the food intake that works for me- Quinoa, green leafy vegetables, and water about 1 hour before I run; tons of vegetables, fruit, water, a protein source, and a recovery smoothie after.

This is not a sport for people who have a desire to starve themselves into oblivion.

Whatever you do, just figure out what your body chemistry requires and FUEL up.

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