It’s a beautiful 57 degrees in Northwest Indiana today. That’s a rarity since it’s December 26th.   I thought I’d go for a long run, maybe 10 miles or so, because the temperature is expected to drop again tonight.

I guess I wasn’t the only person with that bright idea.  When I got to my fav running spot there were tons, okay maybe 15, people out there.

Why, why, why??? I just wanted some nice peaceful “me” time and these pavement hounds are taking up MY space.

There was a walker/runner in front of me so I knew I had to catch up and pass him so he’d be out of my way and I could just pretend to be…ALONE.

But alas, he wanted to play cat and mouse. I became his pacer and he was determined to keep up with me.

Look, interval running is great. It’s an awesome way to build speed, endurance, and mileage. But finding a runner and making her your pacer is no bueno…okay, it’s HIGHLY irritating!

When I started running it was just me, Rick Ross, and Jay Z. I had no intention of gathering a group of peanut gang challengers. I wanted to keep it that way.

So I took off.

I pushed as hard as I could. Then I slowed down. Then I pushed again. I even said a few %^&^%$ in between. Then I pushed myself all the way to my finish line, AWAY from my pace hog.

I didn’t get my 10 miles in today but I did a pretty fast, sweat filled, intense 2.5 miles followed by some functional strength training.

Thank you piggy.  Oink *&^^%$#.

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