I (Aja) had the idea to launch Flaunt Performance earlier this year when I was training for my first half marathon.  I decided to run that first half in honor of my daughter Yaminah who passed away in January.  I had just given birth to her and I was the largest I’d ever been.  Training was a sheer HEADACHE.  It wasn’t a headache because of the muscle soreness, the mileage, the emotional roller coasters, and because I had to push beyond my imaginary limitations.  Those things were fun, exhilarating even.

It was a headache because running as a larger woman is very different than running as a smaller woman.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve always been plus size.  I’ve also been practically running my whole life.  My mom is a marathon runner.  My sister, my brother, my uncle, my cousins, etc all are runners.  I basically come from a running family.  But I don’t come from a plus size running family.  I am the pink sheep in the family.

Now, as a larger plus size woman I’m really the pink sheep.

So training and running that first 1/2 marathon was an eye-opening experience.

The chafing?  YEP.  I had that like never before.  Ever try running with no skin?

The lack of running clothes?  YEP.  I literally ran with a gown under my shirt.

What about those stereotypes?  Yeah, my knees are okay.  As a matter a fact, the more I work them the stronger they become.  Thank you very much.

On the days leading up to the race I thought I’d be the ONLY plus size person out there.  But guess what.  There were SO MANY plus size women out there.  I was amazed.

But then a feeling came over me.  All these women had probably gone through the same headaches I went through.  I knew I wanted to do something to address those headaches.

So Flaunt Performance was born.

Flaunt Performance honors YOU- the plus size, the curvy, the fat, the thick, the voluptuous runner.  Whatever you call yourself, YOU are fabulous.  YOU are an athlete.  YOU are powerful.  YOUR BODY is limitless.

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