Okay I need to admit something. Exercise has always been part of my life. I started swimming at 2. I started gymnastics soon after. I started running when I was about 8.

It bothers me when people exercise just to reach short term goals. I’m not sure why it bothers me so. I know it’s a little elitist for me to even care.

But I care.

I’ve always wondered why people don’t just incorporate exercise into their regular lifestyle. My friend says I think like that because exercise was a regular part of my upbringing.

But I was never taught to train.

I never even learned how to use food as training fuel. I know how not to hit walls. But I know more about premium fuel for cars than I do about premium fuel for athletes . BTW, I don’t know anything about cars so that should tell you something.

I certainly don’t think exercise is for weight loss. Honey, that gravy train left a long time ago and I had fun eating it.


Though I have held onto the long-term idea that people should incorporate exercise into their lifestyles, it never occurred to me that I had a poor concept of physical activity too.

I’d never physically pushed myself. I’d just hit the trail and pool for regular old feel good fun. They were relaxing. They helped to clear my head. They helped me maintain normal organ functions.

But I never thought I could get any better.

I never saw myself as an athlete. I never thought athleticism was for ME.

Maybe because of my size, just maybe? I don’t know.

I could compete intellectually. But physically? No way.

I ran 1 mile races as a child. I hated them.

So I never entered races as an adult. Races never even occurred to me until recently. I supposed I figured I’d hate them still.

I just kept running at my pace- the SAME pace I’d had since childhood – and never dreamed of doing more.

I just ran and ran. Running faster or doing something different would mess up my long distance flow, wouldn’t it?

Now, I’m changing my mind. I’m learning to really train. I’m learning to push myself physically just like I push myself intellectually.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

I think pushing myself athletically will help me push myself even more in other areas of my life. Maybe it’ll help me reach farther in being a wife, being a mother, being a business owner, and everything else I do.

We’ll see. Right now I’m enjoying the process of learning what my body can do.

I pushed today. I hit the weighted jump rope like Rocky to work on running speed. I went deeper with my squats for back and glute strength. I did push ups against the railing on my porch for upper body super-powered functional strength. I did power jumps. Ninjas have to know how to leap over buildings, ya know.

I feel pretty invincible.


Enough settling for less.

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